We’ve revolutionized lead generation with this first-of-its-kind digital co-op. This is the answer you’ve been looking for: fast and reliable, with strong return on ad spend (ROAS).

The supporters we acquired returned 46% of our investment in just two weeks. Those are results we don’t see in digital or in direct mail. Just as important – we’ve been able to message the co-op names quickly and easily, because the supporters are screened to be active and engaged. The results have been off the charts.

– Direct response team at large international aid org

How’s it work?
We’re glad you asked.

We’ve taken the ease of fixed-cost list growth, combined it with terabytes of data and cutting-edge artificial intelligence – and voila, you’ve got an acquisition platform with more than 50 million emailable prospects, delivering supporters to your organization that will drive big ROAS, fast and at scale.

Here's what you need to know about the co-op:

  1. The co-op is made up of more than 30 members – ranging from top 100 nonprofits and major political campaigns to smaller organizations sending to highly qualified lists – and is constantly growing.
  2. There are more than 50 million mailable email addresses in the co-op – and our cutting-edge AI analyzes terabytes of data to determine which prospects are most likely to support your cause or campaign. Some organizations have seen 100% return on their spend in as little as four weeks!